The world today is dominated by science and by its underlying assumptions, which are seldom explicitly articulated. The Galileo Commission’s remit is to open public discourse and to find ways to expand science so that it can accommodate and explore important human experiences and questions that science, in its present form, is unable to integrate.

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The Flip

This bold and eloquent book delivers a necessary ‘ontological shock’ and maps a potentially expanded future of knowledge where the ‘inside’ of matter is mind - surely a crucial step to take and one that completely reframes our understanding of consciousness and reality.

December 18th, 2019|Categories: 2019, Book Review, David Lorimer, News|0 Comments

Eben Alexander – Thriving in the Heart of Consciousness

In 2008, Dr. Eben Alexander’s brain was severely damaged by a devastating case of bacterial meningitis, and he lapsed into a week-long coma. What he learned completely violated everything he ever knew about brain, mind and consciousness, and drove him to question some of the most fundamental assumptions of conventional science, leading to a complete flip from his former worldview.

December 11th, 2019|Categories: Eben Alexander, News|0 Comments

Is There Life after Death? Fifty Years of Research at UVA

In this Medical Center Hour, faculty from the Division of Perceptual Studies highlight the unit's work since its founding, including studies of purported past lives, near-death experiences, and mind-brain interactions in phenomena such as deep meditation, veridical out-of-body experiences, deathbed visions, apparent communication from deceased persons, altered states of consciousness, and terminal lucidity in persons with irreversible brain damage. As the Division enters its second half-century, what are its research priorities and partnerships?

December 7th, 2019|Categories: Bruce Greyson, Edward Kelly, Jennifer Penberthy, News|0 Comments
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