Wallace, Alan – PhD

Alan Wallace is a prominent voice in the emerging discussion between contemporary Buddhist thinkers and scientists who question the materialist presumptions of their 20th-century paradigms. He left his college studies in 1971 and moved to Dharamsala, India to study Tibetan Buddhism, medicine and language. He was ordained by H.H. the Dalai Lama, and over fourteen years as a monk he studied with and translated for several of the generation’s greatest lamas. In 1984 he resumed his Western education at Amherst College where he studied physics and the philosophy of science. He then applied that background to his PhD research at Stanford on the interface between Buddhism and Western science and philosophy. Since 1987 he has been a frequent translator and contributor to meetings between the Dalai Lama and prominent scientists, and he has written and translated more than 40 books. Along with his scholarly work, Alan is regarded as one of the West’s preeminent meditation teachers and retreat guides. He is the founder and director of the Santa Barbara Institute for Conscious Studies and is the motivating force behind the develop of the Center for Contemplative Research in Tuscany, Italy.

Vieten, Cassandra – PhD

Cassandra Vieten, PhD, is the President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a scientist at the Mind-Body Medicine Research Group at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute. Dr. Vieten, a licensed clinical psychologist, has been with IONS since 2001, previously serving as its Executive Director of Research.

Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the State of California, and several private donors and foundations, her research has focused on spirituality and health; development and pilot testing of mindfulness-based approaches to cultivating emotional balance (primarily in the areas of addiction and pregnancy/postpartum well-being); and factors, experiences, and practices involved in psychospiritual transformation to a more meaningful, compassionate, and service-oriented way of life. Her primary interest lies in how psychology, biology, and spirituality interact to affect experience and behavior.

She completed her pre- and post-doctoral research training at The University of California, San Francisco, working primarily on the biological and psychological underpinnings of addiction and alcoholism.

She received her PhD in clinical psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where her clinical training focused on the integration of Eastern philosophy and spirituality into psychotherapy. She has conducted workshops, groups, and individual psychotherapy with victims of trauma, adolescent, adult and pregnant drug addicts, violent offenders, transgendered and HIV+ individuals, and adults seeking personal growth.

Roe, Chris – PhD

Prof. Chris Roe, Bsc, MSc, PhD, AFBPs, is Professor of Psychology at the University of Northampton in the UK. He is Director of the Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes and is Course Leader for Northampton’s MSc in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies. Chris was awarded his PhD by the University of Edinburgh for research on the ways in which psychic effects might be simulated using conventional psychology. His research at Northampton has continued his interest in the psychology of anomalous experience and has concerned topics ranging from spirituality and wellbeing, psychic deception, correlates of paranormal belief and experience, and experimental tests of claimed phenomena of extrasensory perception and psychokinesis. He is past Editor of the SPR Journal, a Board Member and past president of the Parapsychological Association, Council Member of the Society for Psychical Research, and a Committee member for the BPS Transpersonal Psychology Section.

He served as Editor of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research from 2003 to 2018 and was elected as President of the Society in April 2018.

Ring, Kenneth

In 1977, Kenneth Ring, a young professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut, read Raymond Moody’s book, Life After Life, and was inspired by it. However, he felt that a more scientifically structured study would strengthen Moody’s findings. He sought out 102 near-death survivors for his research. This web page documents some of Ken Ring’s basic insights based on his meticulous research.

His research involves the ground-breaking work of investigating near-death experiences among blind persons. His findings are detailed in his latest book Mindsight which is bound to become a classic in the annals of near-death research much like his previous books, Lessons From The LightHeading Toward OmegaLife At Death, and The Omega Project. Ken Ring researched NDEs that involve the experiencer witnessing events while out of their body which is later proven to have taken place. Ken has also researched NDEs that affirms reincarnation. Ken has also examined NDEs among those who attempted suicide. During his extensive research, Ken was also able to examine NDEs where the future was foretold.

Ramakrishna Rao, K. – Professor.

Professor Koneru Ramakrishna Rao is a philosopher, psychologist and educationist with vast experience in national and international arena as a teacher, researcher and administrator. Professor Ramakrishna Rao studied philosophy under the tutelage of professors Saileswar Sen and Satchidananda Murthy at Andhra University and with Richard McKeon at the University of Chicago and received Ph.D. and D.Lit. degrees. He worked with Dr. J.B. Rhine at Duke University and later headed his famous Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man as its Executive Director.

In a career spanning over several decades Professor Rao made significant contributions to Gandhian thought, philosophy of mind and cross-cultural studies. He published nearly two hundred research papers and twelve books, ranging from his early book Gandhi and Pragmatism (Oxford & IBH, 1968) to the more recent one Consciouness Studies: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (McFarland, 2005). Along with Professor K. Satchidananda Murthy, Dr. Rao edited Current Trends in Indian Philosophy (Asia Publishing House and Andhra University Press, 1972). Prof. Rao is currently an Editorial Fellow in the Project History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture headed by Prof. D.P. Chattopadhyaya. Under this project Prof. Rao’s book Cognitive Anomalies, Consciousness and Yoga is nearing completion and expected to be published soon.

Professor Rao, who began his academic career in the Department of Philosophy of Andhra University, held over a period of thirty years various teaching and administrative positions and started a number of new programs there. He also undertook various important academic assignments abroad and taught at several universities in USA, including Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and California Institute for Human Science. Professor Rao has traveled widely and lectured at a number of universities and participated in a large number of national and international conferences. He visited and lectured at universities in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Greece, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

In addition to teaching and research Prof. Ramakrishna Rao served in several top level administrative, executive and advisory positions. Prof. Rao was Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University, Advisor on Higher Education to the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Chairman of the A.P. State Commissionerate of Higher Education (the predecessor of the present A.P. state Council of Higher Education), and Vice-Chairman of Andhra Pradesh State Planning Board with the rank of a cabinet minister. He chaired a number of state and national level committees such as the Committee on Governance of Universities in the State, Committee on Higher Education of Government of Andhra Pradesh, Committee on establishing a Rural University in Andhra Pradesh, Committee on Establishing an Institute for Professional Studies, and the Committee on Reforming School Education. The reports of all these committees are published. They were extensively discussed and became the bases for state legislation and administrative action.

Prof. Ramakrishna Rao is currently President of the Institute for Human Science & Service, an experimental institution in Gandhian education to link learning and classrooms with community centers of service.

Prof. Rao received numerous national and international honors and recognition for his work, which include Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa) degrees from Andhra and Kakatiya Universities and Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) degree from Acharya Nagarjuna University.

Radin, Dean – PhD

Dean Radin is an American scientist known for innovative experiments in the study of consciousness and psi phenomena. He is the author or co-author of over 250 technical and popular articles, four dozen book chapters, and four accessible books: The Conscious Universe (1997), Entangled Minds (2006), Supernormal (2013) and Real Magic (2018). His work has attracted criticism from skeptics of psi but has also found support in the scientific community.

Radin is currently chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciencesand Associated Distinguished Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  He has given over 500 interviews and presentations for academic, popular, business and government venues around the world, and his books have been translated into 14 foreign languages. Videos of his presentations on YouTube have received more than a million views.

Nelson, Roger – PhD

Roger Nelson, Ph.D., was Coordinator of Research at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory at Princeton University from 1980 to 2002, and has directed the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), since its inception in 1997.

Interests in psychology, physics, philosophy and the arts have given opportunities to collaborate with creative interdisciplinary teams at PEAR and elsewhere developing ways to study consciousness and intention. Roger’s work integrates science and spirituality, including research that is directly focused on numinous communal experiences.

Building on years of laboratory experiments, Roger began using random event generator (REG) technology in the field to study effects of special states of group consciousness. This led naturally to the GCP, which is designed to register indications of a coalescing global consciousness responding to major world events such as 9/11, the beginnings of war, or New Year’s Eve.

Speculative interpretations suggest that we may be looking at some form of consciousness field. Though we don’t have a full explanation, this frontier research provides evidence of interconnection and interaction of our minds with the environment. It is consonant with ancient and modern ideas about a nascent greater consciousness.

Naydler, Jeremy – PhD

Jeremy Naydler, Ph.D., is a philosopher who specializes in the religious life of ancient cultures. He is a Fellow of the Temenos Academy and author of Temple of the CosmosShamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid TextsThe Future of the Ancient World, and Goethe on Science. He lives in Oxford, England.

Mossbridge, Julia – PhD

Julia Mossbridge, PhD, is a Scientist at IONS and the Director of the IONS Innovation Lab. She is also a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University as well as the Science Director at Focus @ Will. She is best known for her work on presentiment. Her research interests are: time and the unconscious mind, intuition, dreaming, soundscape influence on mood, and models of transformation and transcendence. Dr. Mossbridge received her PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Northwestern University, her MA in Neuroscience is from UCSF, and her BA with highest honors in neuroscience from Oberlin College.

Dr. Mossbridge has received funding from the National Institutes of Health in her role as post-doctoral fellow in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She is a peer reviewer for Brain Research, Perception, Cognition, PLoS OneExplore, and Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Dr. Mossbridge is also the author of Unfolding: The Perpetual Science of Your Soul’s Work (New World Library, 2002), and writes about her attempts to find the soul in science on her blog Unfolding Science. In addition to continuing to pursue her research interests and continue creating innovative apps, she is co-author of a book with Imants Baruss titled Transcendent Mind: Re-thinking the Science of Consciousness.

van Lommel, Pim – PhD

Pim van Lommel worked as a cardiologist at the Rijnstate Hospital, an 800-bed teaching hospital in Arnhem in the Netherlands, from 1977 to 2003. He published several professional papers on cardiology. In 1986, he began studying near-death experiences in patients who survived a cardiac arrest.

In 2001, Dr. van Lommel and others published their Dutch study in the reputable medical journal The Lancet. In addition, he has authored chapters in several books about near-death experiences and also published articles about the subject.

In 2007 he published in The Netherlands his book ‘Endless Consciousness: a scientific approach to the near-death experience‘ [ Eindeloos Bewustzijn: een wetenschappelijke visie op de Bijna-Dood Ervaring] . This book was a bestseller: within one year over 100.000 books were sold in the Netherlands, and it was also nominated for ‘The Best Book of 2008′. It has been translated into the German language in 2009: ‘Endloses Bewusstsein. Neue Medizinische Fakten zur Nahtoderfahrung‘, and in 2010 it is published in the English language by Harper Collins, entitled: Consciousness Beyond Life, The Science of the Near-Death Experience. In 2011 it will be published in the French language by Éditions Robert Laffont.

Over the past several years Pim van Lommel has been lecturing all over the world on near-death experiences and the relationship between consciousness and brain function. In 2005, he was granted the ‘Bruce Greyson Research Award’ on behalf of the IANDS (the International Association of Near-Death Studies). And, in September 2006, the President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, awarded him the ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ at the World Congress on Clinical and Preventive Cardiology in New Delhi.

Pim van Lommel studied medicine at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, and specialized in cardiology.