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The world today is dominated by science and by its underlying assumptions, which are seldom explicitly articulated. The Galileo Commission’s remit is to open public discourse and to find ways to expand science so that it can accommodate and explore important human experiences and questions that science, in its present form, is unable to integrate.

Following widespread consultation with 90 advisers representing 30 universities worldwide, we have published the Galileo Commission Report, written by Prof  Dr Harald Walach and entitled Beyond a Materialist Worldview – Towards an Expanded Science.  The report has been widely endorsed as a groundbreaking document and we encourage you to read it for yourself and spread the word among your professional network.  Summaries  of the argument are available in a number of languages.

Recent News

The Extended Mind: Recent Experiments – Rupert Sheldrake

In this presentation from the 2014 Synchronicity Symposium, Galileo Commission adviser Ruper Sheldrake shares his work on designing experiments to test if people can tell if they are being stared at as well as his work on telepathy in animals. Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. is a biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and 11 books, including Science Set Free.

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Can we Crack the Mind-Body Problem? Part I – Emmanuel Ransford

This paper is in three parts. In this Part One, the randomness displayed by quantum objects is explored. The notion of quantumhood is then introduced. It refers to a kind of “wave wholeness” of elementary particles that, most significantly, turns out to be necessary to sustain nature’s consistency. When this quantumhood is in danger of being lost, a wave collapse, or quantum jump, is in order.

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Diane Corcoran & Robert Caplan – Veteran NDEs

Diane Corcoran talks about her experience with NDEs as a US Army nurse in Vietnam and serving in the military over a 24-year career, including as Chief Nurse and Commander of a Combat Support Hospital. Robert Caplan is a Navy veteran near-death experiencer: This presentation will address my knowing of my/our true identity.

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Is There Life After Death? – Panel discussion

In this panel, the legendary actor, writer and comedian John Cleese, convenes the University of Virginia's Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) research faculty to present an overview of the research to which they have dedicated their academic careers. Members of DOPS include GC advisers Bruce Greyson, Kim Penberthy, Edward Kelly, Emily Kelly, as well as Jim Tucker and Chester Carlson.

May 20th, 2020|Categories: Bruce Greyson, Edward Kelly, Emily Kelly, Jennifer Penberthy, News|0 Comments
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